April 20, 2018

We look forward to seeing you at the Carnival today!


Join the Spicewood PTA Board

Spicewood PTA is now filling positions for next year's PTA Board and encourages you to consider joining the team by signing up at this link.


Spicewood's PTA runs a variety of programs that enrich our students lives and empower them with skills, all while building a sense of community within the school. Of course, these programs are only possible as long as we have volunteers to spearhead them, so if you (or someone that you know) are interested in a position, please feel free to chat with our current officers to see if you might enjoy filling one of these roles. Several coordinator positions are waiting to be filled (such as STEAM Day, Reflections, Environmental Awareness and Spicewood Teaching Garden), and some are even brand new positions (like Parent Night, Back to School and Correspondence Secretary), so you can shape those according to your vision! Spicewood couldn't have a successful PTA without you!  

Hello 5th Grade Parents


The end of the school year is fast approaching and your 5th Grade Promotion Committee is working hard to make this a memorable milestone for our 5th graders! The 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 24th, 2018. Please visit the 5th Grade Promotion Page for more information about key deadline dates, sponsorship, event news, and activities that will support the 2017-2018 ceremony and celebration.

Yearbook Personalization Deadline

In an effort to include the carnival today, the deadline for customizing personal pages has been extended to this Sunday, 4/22. Due to printing/editing/shipping times, this is a one time extension and the deadline cannot be pushed any later than this, so make sure you set those pages to print ready!